Hydroseeding Projects

Hydroseeding is a process where seed and any combination of fertilizer, lime, biostimulants, moisture retention polymers, tackifiers, and other additives are combined with water and a hydroseeding mulch to form a slurry that is sprayed onto the ground to establish vegetation and control erosion.

These ingredients are mixed in a truck or trailer-mounted tank that contains either a jet agitation system or a mechanical agitation system which creates a homogenous slurry that is then transported to the job site and sprayed over prepared ground in a uniform layer.

Recent Projects

Industrial Park in Knox, PA

New lawn installation for an industrial park in Knox PA it was a former glass plant and they turned it into a business incubator to help small businesses start up entrepreneurship.

Lawn Installation/Hydroseeding in Mill Creek, PA

First, we graded around the yard area to level everything out, then we raked out the area with a machine, and finally hydroseeded everything with Penn State seed mix